Specification Sheets

Custom Series

Overall Thickness
Wearlayer Thickness
Standard Colors
Limited Wear Warranty
Characteristic Test Method Result
Coefficient of Friction* ASTM C1028-2007e1
Slip Resistance* ASTM D2394-2005(R2011) Static
Static Load Limit ASTM D970-2007
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D3884-2009
Formaldehyde ASTM D6007-2002(R2008)
Antibacterial activity ASTM G21-2009
Castor Chair Resistance NALFA/ANSI LF-01
Critical radiant heat flux value ASTM E648-2010
Resistance to Staining ASTM F925
Light Fastness ASTM 1515
Residual Indentation ASTM 1814
ASTM F1700-10 requirements    
Size ASTM F2055
Thickness ASTM F386
Squareness ASTM F2055
Residual indentation ASTM F1914
Flexibility ASTM F137
Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199
Resistance to chemicals ASTM F925
Resistance to heat ASTM F1514
Resistance to light ASTM F1515
Workmanship finish & appearance ASTM F1700 clause 7
* Test based on Deep Embossed Finish

Available with recycled content or virgin vinyl. All material 100% recyclable after use