TUFFTAK Floor Primer

TUFFTAK Floor Primer is an acrylic floor preparation solution designed to improve flooring substrates before the application of floor-covering
adhesives. TUFFTAK Floor Primer will improve dry, porous substrates for a better bonding surface, TUFFTAK Floor Primer is suitable for use
over APA approved flooring grade plywood, concrete or acousticalconcrete and floor patch and can prevent over absorption of adhesives resulting in a better bond. TUFFTAK Floor Primer may also be used as a primer for gypsum-based substrates prepared in accordance with ASTM F2419.


Floor Primer

    • 4 Gallons
    • Coverage:
      • 3/8″ nap roller: 350-400 sqft per gallon
      •  Sprayer application: 400-500 sqft per gallon

Spec Sheet