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    Deep Embossed Wood GrainReclaimedLeatherSatin WoodStone

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    2.0mm Glue Down2.5mm Glue Down3.0mm Glue Down4mm Click Plank5mm Click Plank or Loose Lay

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    6" x 12" Standard Sample Size4"x36" 101.6x914.4mm4"x38" 101.6x1219.2mm5"x36" 127x914.4mm5"x48" 127x1219.2mm6"x36" 152.4x914.4mm6"x48" 152.4x1219.2mm7"x36" 177.8x914.4mm7"x48" 177.8x1219.2mm9"x36" 228.6x914.4mm9"x48" 228.6x1219.2mm12"x12" 304.8x304.8mm12"x24" 304.8x609.6mm12"x36" 304.8x914.4mm16"x16" 406.4x406.4mm16"x32" 406.4x812.8mm18"x18" 457.2x457.2mm18"x36" 457.2x914.4mm24"x36" 609.6x914.4mm36"x36" 914.4x914.4mmOther

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    The wear layer is one of the most important parts of your vinyl plank flooring. It protects the decorative film from everyday abuse and keeps your floor looking new. TUFFPLANK offers six wear layers that can be used anywhere from residential to heavy commercial.
    6 mil - (0.15mm)8 mil - (0.20mm)12 mil - (0.30mm)20 mil - (0.50mm)30 mil - (0.70mm)40 mil - (1.00mm)
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